- A place to heal.

When I had my near-fatal crash I wished for a coach or mentor; someone who's been through this and can guide me. pairs you with an employee who's experienced similar trauma and provides a private, secure workspace to chat.

What is trauma?

"In medical terms, a trauma is defined as a serious injury or shock to the body that might result from violence or an accident. From a psychological perspective it is defined as an event that has the capacity to provoke fear, helplessness, or horror in response to the threat of injury or death. In broader terms, a traumatic event is one of extreme stress that outstrips a person's ability to cope. In most cases it is an unimaginable event out of the range of what you expected to handle."
- Healing Together, Suzanne Phillips and Dianne Kane.

For our purposes we will define trauma as "an event that outstrips a person's ability to cope". Trauma is also situational. Fireworks could be traumatic to a veteran because of a previous experience. A near miss in the car might have previously been mildly stressful but the day after losing a friend in a crash the same near miss could be traumatic.

The lawyers told me to be careful posting on social media.

Sharing about your trauma can be incredibly cathartic and can be a positive part of the healing process. If you don’t write or talk about it, you may not process it.

Talk about your trauma and recovery in your own personal, secure forum. Know that a employee is reading your posts and on this journey with you. Our staff will check in with you when you’re feeling down, or suggest a quiet walk when you’re anxious, or motivate you to just go and get a drink of water when you can’t get out of bed.

My mistakes during recovery would have been obvious to an outsider.

I made a number of mistakes in my recovery; some that continue to have significant impact.

Your buddy has been through this and will provide gentle insight and guidance on things to consider. Recovering from any trauma is nothing like recovering from a sprained ankle.

I needed a place to record pain levels, exhaustion, depression, etc.

I found at every medical appointment I was asked “how are things going”. Instead of using anecdotal evidence I wanted to look back since the last time I saw the doctor and advise them exactly how I was doing. But that information could not be public because there was an ongoing lawsuit.

When things aren’t going well, post about it to your own personal forum and tag the post “pain” or “depression” or “anxiety” or anything else. Save a bookmark and next time you see the doctor you can easily pull it up on your phone and see exactly how you’ve been doing. No memory needed.

My pain made my wife worry about me.

My wife continues to worry about me and my pain. When I am in pain she takes extra care of me, which I appreciate. Unfortunately with chronic pain, there isn't a lot anyone can do to relieve it. I do my best to hide my pain now because I don't like how it impacts my family & friends.

It's not healthy to hide your pain and suffer alone. And someone who's been through or has chronic pain might have some good suggestions. Your buddy is here for you.

Posting about recovery made it a little more bearable.

In the early days there were so many bad days when I wanted to talk about it but I didn’t want to burden my friends & family.

You can share your experience with a employee. If the employee happens to notice you’ve been in pain for a few days they might suggest it’s time to back to the doctor.

You remember forums, right?

Forums were a great way to connect online before social media. A secure, private forum is created for each user that only that user and employees can access. employees are not doctors, nurses, psychologists, or occupational therapists.
Our staff have experienced trauma though.
Based on the trauma you experienced you are paired with an employee who's experienced something similar. That employee can share what worked and what didn’t work for them in their healing journey.

Pricing: has overhead expenses to run your forum and staff salaries. We have to charge something to cover these costs but please know we are not profiting off your trauma.

$50 per month gets you:

  • A secure, private forum that only you and employees can access.

  • Paired with an employee who's experience similar trauma.

  • Your employee buddy will ask questions, provide feedback, and share their experience to guide you in your recovery.

  • The forum provides a place to keep track of your recovery making it easier to provide updates to your medical team, legal team, and insurance companies.

Tell us about your experience. We’ll create a secure, private forum just for you, pair you with an employee who's experienced something similar, and email you when we’re ready to go.

Your name is required so we know what to call you. Feel free to go with just your first name or an alias if you wish to remain anonymous.

A valid email is required so we can set up your forum account.

Your trauma experience is also required so we can match you with the employee who's experienced something similar.